Real Estate Practice

Real Estate Practice


At the Bhavsar Law Group, we are not only a law firm, but also a full service title insurance agency with a focus on professionalism and client service.  Let our closing team assist with all of your real estate transactions from start to finish, not only providing you with an effortless closing experience handled by knowledgeable and diligent attorney and staff, but doing so at the same or better cost as with a non-attorney title agent.  Ms. Bhavsar has acted as the closing and escrow agent in countless  residential and commercial transactions.  If you select us as your closing agent, we will gladly review your contract at no additional charge.


Legal Representation

Whether you are buying or selling property, or if you are a Realtor representing a buyer or seller, let Ms. Bhavsar guide you and/or your client through the often confusing process of a real estate transaction.  We are available to provide competent and full service legal representation  from contract negotiations to closing.  At the Bhavsar Law Group, Ms. Bhavsar will give you the confidence and piece of mind you deserve throughout the closing process.  We are able to negotiate, draft and explain the contract, explain figures on the closing statement and results of a title examination, as well as provide insight and advice on any legal issues that may surface during negotiations or at closing.

Furthermore, if you own property and having difficulty with your tenant, either because he/she has failed to pay rent or have defaulting on another term of the lease, contact Ms. Bhavsar to assist you with the Eviction process.  The number one mistake Landlords make with Tenants is waiting to long to do something.   The longer you wait, the less protected you and your property are.

Protect yourself and/or your clients by retaining a real estate attorney for all of your real estate needs!